Tips to Save on Back to School

Family working at a table

While there’s still plenty of summer to enjoy, back to school is on the horizon and we’re here to share some tips to help you save on preparation for the upcoming year!

Don’t buy everything at the beginning of the year – While all of those back to school ads are tempting, you don’t need to buy clothing or supplies for the entire year upfront. Focus on essentials to kick off the year instead.

Consider used items and thrift shops – Before purchasing brand new, take a peek at shops that offer gently used clothing and supplies. Also, look to other parents with children of similar ages who may want to swap or share items their child no longer uses.

Compare prices before you shop – Before you make any large purchases, take a moment to go online to see what other retailers are charging for the same item. Even if you have a preferred store or company you’d like to purchase from, many offer price matching if you can show a lower price at another retailer. 

Utilize coupons and discount codes – Most retailers offer coupons and discounts codes, especially as an incentive to download their app or share your email address. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy these simple to access discounts. 

Make the most of student discounts – Many popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft and others, offer discounts specifically to college students. These discounts can have a big impact on a large purchase like a computer, tablet, or phone. Additionally, check out your favorite clothing brands and restaurants to see if they offer student discounts.